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  • Keeps surfaces clean
  • Maintains water clarity


  • Dr.Tim'sAquatic, Re-Fresh

        Control Green or Brown Water in your Reef, Nano, or Seahorse Aquarium

        Use Dr.Tim's Re-Fresh in your reef, nano, or seahorse aquarium to control brown or green water issues. Re-Fresh is a potent combination of beneficial bacteria that work together to maintain clear water, clean aquarium surfaces and eliminate unpleasant odors.

        Re-Fresh should be added on a weekly basis to help maintain a clear, clean and sparkling aquarium.

        Because the condition of every aquarium varies, it may be necessary to add Re-Fresh more frequently (every other day) to achieve desired results.

    Directions : 

    Shake well before using.

    Dosage: Add 5 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water.


    Re-Fresh may be harmful to snails and shrimp.

    Do not overdose on tanks containing these organisms. Wait 5 to 7 days after final dosing to add these organisms.



    แบคทีเรียช่วยลดปัญหากวนใจจาก Dr.Tim's Aquatic, USA. ผลลัพธ์ชัดเจนแม้ใช้เพียงครั้งแรก


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